Loveland BL Isabeau

Chalivah PK Blue Boy

Loveland Pecos Karley

Goldthwaite Magic In The Air

SG Jacobs Pride Candy Kisses

Jacobs Pride Olivia Newton Doe
Jacobs Pride Jean Hardoe

Jacobs Pride Maureen Doe’Hara

Loveland WM Julie Andoews



Loveland Deacon’s Selia 


Sire: Price O The Field Deacon 
Dam: Loveland FT Sebring 

Loveland WM Black Tourmaline

Sire: Loveland Wind’s Magician N1463053
Dam: Goldthwaite Tiffany N 1406751
Loveland PA Lace Jabot

Sire: Stagelight SP Park Avenue N1351105
Dam: Jacobs Pride Za Baby Lace   N1458914

Loveland PA Central Park

Sire: Stagelight SP Park Avenue
Dam: Loveland BB Blessing


Loveland CW Wynonna

DOB 4/3/2013

Sire: CH Kastdemur’s Chinook Wind

Dam: Loveland BJ Wisteria


Loveland KT Pilar

DOB 1/29/2013

Sire: CH Loveland BJ Karlton

Dam: Loveland FT Porsche


Loveland WM Sweet Basil

DOB 3/4/13

Sire: Loveland Wind’s Magician 

Dam: Loveland BJ Silver Sage

Loveland BJ Kelsey

Sire:Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree N1478004
Dam: Loveland Pecos Karley N1360742

Stagelight Mars Zinfandel 

Sire: M’s Sagebrush SOB Marcellus 
Dam: Stagelight Blue Zequin 

Loveland CW Summer Savory

Sire: CH Kastdemur's Chinook Wind
Dam: Loveland BJ SIlver Sage


Loveland CW Baby Doll 

DOB 3/22/2013

Sire: CH Kastdemur's Chinook Wind

Dam: Jacobs Pride Blue Jean Baby

SG Jacobs Pride Anna Nicdoe

Sire: CH *B Jacobs Pride Bernie Mac Show N1349283
Dam: SG Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe 10*M N1352618

Loveland MX Kaley
Sire: *B Goldthwaite Malcolm X N1354021
Dam: Loveland TD Bear Kaycee N1400839
Loveland FO Tivol
Sire: CH Loveland GP Faithful Oden N1293552
Dam: Goldthwaite Tiffany N1406751

Loveland WM Cardamom

Sire: Loveland Wind's Magician
Dam: Loveland Gensing Wind

Loveland CW Dalila

Sire: CH Kastdemur's Chinook Wind
Dam: Loveland BJ Denim Diva

Loveland XT Arwen

Sire: SAADA El X-Travaganza 
Dam: Hylands MTB Morwen

Loveland KuKuKaChu

Sire: CH Loveland BJ Karlton
Dam: Stagelight WA Kudos

Loveland CW Dalila

Sire: CH Kastdemur's Chinook Wind
Dam: Loveland BJ Denim Diva


*B Goldthwaite Pecos
DOB:  9/1/04
LA: 89

2005 Sedalia Missouri ~ Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Buck

  +*B SAADA Winter White Wapiti
*B SAADA Winter Wise Nicodemus  
  GCH SAADA Cimarron Sage 10*M
  SGCH +B Dear-Heart’s “Omar”
SGCH Goldthwaite Maya 3*M  
  Goldthwaite Maridadi 2*M

Peco has improved everything we have used him on! He is a powerful buck with a lot of height width. His dam, GCH Goldthwaite Maya, is legendary in the midwest.

SGCH Goldthwaite Maya 3*M

Willow Run Tome’ Pompeii
DOB. 4/17/03
LA: 85

2004 Sedalia Missouri ~ Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Buck
2004 Tonganoxi Kansas ~ Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Buck

  SG ++*B C/F Thesus
Willow Run Thetis Tome’  
  SG Willow-Run Liam Tamale
  *B Ladies-Blue Wicked Weapon
SGCH Willow Run Wicked Paris  
  Willow Run Purple Rain 6*M

Pompeii is a very flashy buck with loads of color that he passes on to his kids. As you can see from his picture, he is an upstanding buck with a lot of style. his first kids will be freshening this Spring. We also have his dam, GCH Willow Run Wicked Paris. Paris has a globular shaped udder, well attached and capacious with a nice medial.

SGCH Willow Run Wicked Paris

Willow Run Valmont Long Tall Sally

DOB: 4/22/03
LA 84 2007

LA 88 V+EV 2007

  SG +*B Willow Run AT Enferno
SG *B Willow Run Enferno Valmont  
  SGCH Willow Run Golden Vanilla 2*M
  SG +*B Willow Run Playboy
Willow Run Playboy Lucyinthesky 4*M  
  Kastdemur’s Strawberry Fields 3*M

Price O The Field Miss Pauline



LA 84 ~ 2009

  CH Price O The Field Monarch N0967892
GCH +B Price O The Field Royal Marcus N1014631
  SGCH Price O The Field Lady Regina N0934091
  Price O The Field Noble Man N1141736
CH Price O The Field MissPerline N1287370
  Price O The Field MS Starlene N1089520

Heritage-Song Bliss Double Take

DOB: 3/02/02
2005 LA 85

2008 LA 90

  ++*B Fra-Jac’s Lord Alginon
SGCH ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway  
  SG Copper-Hill Winter Beauty
  SG ++*B Sans Souci White Lightning
SGCH Heritage-Song Bliss 4*M  
  Heritage-Song Bonnie Blair 3*M
Bliss is still one of our favorite does, even tho after her first freshening she developed a severe case of strep. in her udder. We could never show her again but she continues to give us beautiful kids. As you can see from her picture, she is very long with a straight top line and tall in the withers. Her lovely roman nose and long wide ears give her the breed character we look for. She is deep in the chest and stands on strong feet and legs. She is a Copper-Hill Alginon's Breakaway daughter.


Heritage-Song Beya

N 1338497

LA 86 ~ 2009

  GCH ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
Copper-Hills Brkaway’s Bentwood N1252247
  SG Copper-Hill Abe’s Ballad 7*M
  SG +*B Goldthwaite Homar
SG Heritage-Song Bonsi N1198424
  SGCH Heritage-Song Bliss 4*M

Lakeshore SH Bea Natural

DOB. 6/6/07

2008 National Show ~ 2nd Place Jr. Yearling
LA 86 ~ 2009

  ++*B Kastdemur’s crown Excess N0906108
*B Lakeshore Ex Summer Heat N1377200
  GCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M N1255918
  Quarter Mile Manhattan
Lakeshore QM Bea Happy N1373073
  Lakeshore-Farms Happy Heart N1301253

Loveland TD Bear Kaycee

DOB 1/31/07

Sire: GCH +*B Heritage-Song Ted D. Bear N1206769
Dam: Iron-Owl Kamas N1259162

Heritage-Song Morning Dove

DOB 2/22/09~N1494896

  Copper-Hill Windwalker N1314107
*B Heritage-Song PaPa Walker N1459962
  SGCH Heritage Song Margarita N1268229
  +*B Copper Hill Brkaway’s Bentwood N1252247
SG Heritage-Song Morning Glory 4*M N1295409
  SGCH Heritage-Song Maggie N1158645

Loveland Sebastian’s Belinda

N ~ DOB. 5/28/08

  Copper-Hill Banner N1396264
Dechant-Colony Sebastian N1406269
  Dechant-Colony Princess Sasha N1388173
  *B Goldthwaite Pecos N1201723
Loveland Pecos Bonnie N1360428
  Heritage-Song Bliss Double Take N1250928

Loveland MX Tally Ho

DOB. 5/24/07

2008 National Show ~ 6th Place Jr. Yearling

  *B Goldthwaite M M Andalusia N1179005
*B Goldthwaite Malcolm X N1354021
  SGCH Goldthwaite Brianna X 2*M N1232076
  Lakeshore Hearts Enferno N1336551
Loveland HE Tilly N1367491
  Lakeshore Farms Pick-A-Dilly N1296199

Lakeshore-Farms Ace Mechanic

DOB. 3/23/04
LA:83 (yearling)
LA 89 VEE 2007

Pictured as a yearling

2008 Sedalia Missouri ~ Reserve CH Sr. Buck
2008 Holton Kansas ~ Reserve CH Sr. Buck

  SG ++*B Kastdemur’s LH Full Service
SG +*B Kastdemur’s At Your Service  
  Kastdemur’s CPE No Explanation 4*M
  *B Lakeshore-Farms JJ Limosine
CH Lakeshore-Farms Julie’s Jaguar  
  GCH Dayspring Rejoicing Julie 1*M

Mac is long and tall and oh so smooth. He has his dam's stature and style. His sire, Kastdemur’s At Your Service, had the 1st place Jr. Get of Sire at the 2001 national show and also sired the 2003 National Best Nubian Udder, Lakeshore Farms Ace of hearts.

CH Lakeshore-Farms Julie’s Jaguar


Split-Creek Sid’s Kokopelli

2008 LA 87

  Split-Creek Red Eclipse

Split-Creek J.R.’s Obsidian
  Split-Creek Unity
  Wildwood More Magic
Split-Creek Carving Jayne
  Split-Creek Abe’s Bobbie
We are thrilled with one of the newest members of our herd ”Kokopell”. Kokopelli comes to us from Split Creek Farm. He is a handsome tricolor, a large flashy guy ( black with white spots and brown trim) His overall general appearance is impressive and he stands on correct feet and legs as well as having width through out. Kokopelli has wonderful breed character and an even disposition. We have already used him in our breeding program and are excitedly waiting for his first kids!. Thanks to Evin Evans again for the opportunity of owning this fine buck.

KECMR Gavin Welena

N1446610~DOB 3/02/08

KECMR Good Shase Gavin N1371759
Wana-Acres KECMR Willow N1377346

SGCH Willow Run Wicked Paris

N1149054 ~~ DOB 1/27/1999
2005 LA 92

  GCH ++*B Ladies-Blue Wild Wicked Game
*B Ladies-Blue Wicked Weapon  
  GCH H.-Homestead Nadiaa 4*M
  +BWillow Run JJefferson Davis
Willow Run Purple Rain 6*M  
  Willow Run Patience 5*M

Paris comes to us from Willow Run Dairy as one of their top string milkers from their Nubian herd.
She is a very wide doe with a strong foundation, and a very generous udder. She has a beautiful mammary that is high, wide and globular in shape with good attachment, and nice medial. We feel very lucky to have her in our herd.


SGCH Goldthwaite Brianna X 2*M

DOB 5/1/02 ~ N1232076

LA 90 EEEV 2007

Pictured as GCH at Boulder County Fair at 2 years and Wyoming State Fair where she went GCH with 50 Nubians showing!
2005 Boulder Colorado Fair: M Butler ~ Best Doe in Show
Boulder Colorado Fair: J Gorman ~ Best Doe in Show
New Mexico State Fair: D Funk ~ Best Doe in Show
Tri-State Fair, Amarillo Texas: K Fraley ~ Best Doe in Show
Wyoming state Fair: T Taylor ~ Best of Breed
Tri-State Fair, Amarillo Texas: A Carter ~ Best of Breed

2004 Wyoming State Fair ~ Grand Champion Sr Doe
Boulder Colorado Show ~ Grand Champion Sr. Doe
Iroquois County Fair, Illinois ~ Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe

  SGCH ++*B Dear-Heart's "Omar"
SG +*B Goldthwaite Merlin  
  SGCH Goldthwaite Lady Juliette 7*M
  SGCH ++*B Goldthwaite Lunar
SG Goldthwaite Exotica 1*M  
  Goldthwaite Euphoria

2005: BEST DOE IN SHOW - Boulder Co. Fair, CO: M. Butler
                                                   Boulder Co. Fair, CO: J. Gorman
                                                   New Mexico State Fair: D. Funk
                                                   Tri-State Fair, Amarillo: K. Fraley
BEST OF BREED -   Wyoming State Fair: T.Taylor
                                    Tri-State Fair, Amarillo: A. Carter
2004: GCH- WYO.STATE FAIR - AUG 15/04 (41)
           GCH- BOULDER CO FAIR - AUG 1/ 4           
           RGCH -IROQUOIS CO FAIR, Ill. July 18
DHIR: 0-11 305d 1780# 89f 76p
                    354d 2020# 103f  87p ext.
            2-01 305d 2320# 115f -5% fat 94p
                    325d 2430# 121f               99p
We feel so fortunate to have Brianna . Thanks to Beverly Goldthwaite for trusting us with her. We love Brianna's size and general appearance along with her capacious udder and width of rump. She has beautiful breed and dairy character. She will really add some milk and style to our herd!

Kastdemur’s Time Is On My Side

N1480903~DOB 3/22/09

  SG Kastdemur’s LH Full Service
Kastdemur’s Time In A Bottle
  SGCH Kastdemur’s Temerity
  CH Kastdemur’s Audacious
Kastdemur’s Tainted Love
  GCH Lassenwood Miller Valentine
Kastdemur’s Time Is On My Side (I call him Mic . if you know Rock & Roll you know why) is one of the newest members of our herd. We are so excited to have the chance at this combination of blood lines. Thank You Karen Senn for making it possible! Mic looks very much like his sire in coloring and conformation. His escutcheon area is very high, wide and nicely arched. He is a very growthy kid and we plan on using him starting the Fall of 2009. Mic’s Dam, Kastdemur’s Tainted Love, was National Jr. Champion in 2008 and his Grand Dam , Kastdemur’s Temerity, was National Sr. Champion in 2008 & 2009.

Kastdemur’s Tainted Love

Kastdemur’s Time In A Bottle

Lakeshore Hearts Enferno

DOB: 3/18/05

LA 89 VEV 2007

2008 Holton Kansas ~ Champion Sr. Buck
2008 Holton Kansas ~ Reserve CH Sr. Buck

2006 Holton Kansas ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck
Holton Kansas ~ Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Buck

  ++ *B Kastdemur's Accidental Tourist
SG +*B Willow Run AT Enferno  
  GCH Willow Run Golden Ember 1*M
  SG +*B Kastdemur's At Your Service
SGCH Lakeshore Farms Ace of Hearts

  SG Lakeshore-Farms RCS Shasta 4*M

As a yearling Hearts Enferno is a tall buck with smooth blending. He has a wonderful gentle disposition. In his kids we are seeing a very spacious heart area and strong bone and elastic skin. His sire is the littermate to GCH Willow Run AT Erazel the National GCH for 2003 & 2004.


SGCH Lakeshore Farms Ace of Hearts, LA EX 91

National Show Placings:
      ~ 2003 ADGA National 1st place Two Year-Old/1st Udder
      ~ 2003 ADGA National Best Nubian Udder
      ~ 2002 ADGA National 3rd place Milking Yearling


Split-Creek Bonanza’s Bid

  Copper-Hill Whirlwind
Copper-Hill Bonanza
  Copper-Hill Abe’s Bobette
  Split-Creek More Than Marble
  Split-Creek M.T. Marble’s Beth
  Split-Creek Charlotte
Bid is another fine buck from Spit-Creek that we are so excited to own. We have always admired the Copper-hill blood lines and also what Split-Creek Abe At Lincoln did for them. Here we have the best of both worlds. Bid is strong in general appearance with a smooth top line , excellent breed character and very dairy. We are saving him to use in our breeding program of 2008. A big thanks to Evin Evans for allowing us to posses such a fine animal.

Stagelight SP Park Avenue

N1351105~DOB 3/7/05
G6S Carrier
LA 92 (EEE)~ 2009

  Sweet Harvest Big Red’s Legacy
Sweet Harvest Show Premier
  CH Sweet Harvest Showmenomercy
  Sweet*Things Rocky Road
Stagelight RR Pukahani
  Lassenwood Zhivago Pukalani

We are very excited to be adding Stagelight Park Avenue to our herd. Thank you Adel Pryor for letting “Parkie” come live with us .Parkie’s dam  Stagelight RR Pukahani is breathtaking and was 8th place 4 year old at the 2008 ADGA National Show. Parkie appraised 92 EEE in 2009. He is a very correct buck standing on strong straight feet and legs. He also has a very straight top line, excellent rump, great brisket and depth of barrel. He has such a sweet tempement that you can lead him with out a collar. We also admire the blood lines that back him up. We can’t wait to see what he is going to do for our herd. We will use him extensively fall 2009.

Stagelight RR Pukahani

Loveland FT Rambler

DOB 3/30/09 ~ N1479378
G6S normal

2010 Pride of the plains ~ Reserve GCH Sr. Buck

Lakeshore Full Throttle N1328193  
Heritage-Song Bliss Doubletake N1250928  

Lakeshore Fair Play

N1530687~DOB 2/19/2010


  M’s Sagebrush-Acres Dakota
J &R Spirit’s Dakota Playboy  
  J&R Spirit’s DK Kovergirl
  Lakeshore EX Summer Heat
Lakeshore SH Tanqueray Cheers  
  Lakeshore-Farms Tanqueray


A special thanks to Richard and Virginia Groff for letting us use Fair Play. We are very impressed with this growthy buck. He is long and tall with good bone and a nice top line. He has a wonderful temperment  and such an impressive pedegree. We are really looking forward to the kids he has sired for us. 
His Grand dam, SGCH J&R Spirit’s DK Kovergirl (EX92) is the 2009 ADGA Reserve National Champion with National Best Udder and was also 1st pl. Milking Yearling in 2007.


Stagelight RR Rock Party

N1430570 ~ DOB: 4/19/06,
G6S normal

2012 Mo-Kan Dairy Goat Show ~ Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Buck  


SS:Painter’s Double Dom Replacer

Sweet*Things Rocky Road N0986892  
  Pennylane Edie
  Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
Lassenwood Zhivago Pukakani N1128088  
  Lassenwood Zenith Kaanapali

GCH Loveland GP Faithful Oden

N1293552 ~ DOB: 3/7/04
G6S Carrier
LA: (yearling)

LA 86 ~ 2007
LA 90 ~ 2008

Pictured as a yearling
2005 Sedalia Missouri ~ 2X Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2005 Tonganoxie Kansas ~ 2X Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2007 Sedalia Missouri ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck

  *B SAADA Winter Wise Nicodemus
*B Goldthwaite Pecos  
  SGCH Goldthwaite Maya 3*M
  +*B GCH Goldthwaite Black Tie Affair
Heritage-Song Hope’s Faith  
  Heritage-Song Hope

Oden is a large very powerful buck with a strong foundation. He is very upstanding and wide. He earned two legs toward his GCH as a yearling. His dam had 1/2 of her udder removed due to an accident , but still milks 10lbs. We are very happy with the kids we have been getting out of him . He passes on his power and strength.

Goldthwaite Malcolm X *B

N1354021 ~ DOB: 6/13/05
G6S Normal

  *B Goldthwaite Mozart
*B Goldthwaite M M Andalusia
  SGCH Goldthwaite Midnitn Montgomery 6*M
  SG+*B Goldthwaite Merlin
SGCH Goldthwaite Brianna X 2*M
  SG Goldthwaite Exotica 1*M

Malcolm comes to us from Beverly Goldthwaite and is fine addition to our herd. His dam Brianna was also a member of our herd and a many times over GCH. Malcolm is very deep in the heart girth and has impressive spring of rib. He has a lot of bone and strength as well as beautiful breed character.

GCH Goldthwaite Brianna X


CH *B Lakeshore Full Throttle

N1328193 ~ DOB 2/12/05
LA 88
~ 2006
LA 89 ~ 2009

  GCH ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison
SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service

  GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M
  *B Lakeshore Farms Regal Crown
SG Lakeshore Farms RCS Shasta 1*M
  Lakeshore Farms Sonora 2*M
We are so pleased and honored to own this gorgeous buck. His pen is right outside our breakfast room so we can watch him over coffee. He is so much more than handsome. He has power and strength and the correctness so vital in a breeding program. We are so greatfull to Megan Tredway Carter and Christine Tredway for trusting us with this fine animal. Thanks to Megan also for letting us use the following from her web site at

LakeShore Farms Full Throttle is a beautiful buck with tremendous stature, power and substance. He is sharp and upstanding in the front end, as well as long bodied with good length, width and levelness of rump. Full Throttle is also well angulated in the rear legs and stands on very strong feet and legs. He easily finished his championship as a two year-old, his only time shown, where he was 3xGrand Champion.

His first offspring are doing well in the show ring and exhibiting his overall strength in general appearance. One daughter, LakeShore FT Terraza (VG86) was 8th pl. Milking Yearling at the 2007 Nationals and another daughter, LakeShore FT Sahara Safari, was 4th pl. Int. Kid at the 2006 National Show.

Full Throttle

Full Throttle Kid

*B Goldthwaite Romulus

N1339804 ~ DOB: 4/17/05
G6S Normal
LA 87 ~ 2007

LA 87 ~ 2008

Holton Kansas ~ Reserve Champion Sr. Buck
Holton Kansas ~ Reserve Champion Sr. Buck

  SG ++*B Goldthwaith Johan S Buch
*B Goldthwaith Oscar Delahoya  
  SGCH Goldthwaith Lady Juliette 7*M
  SGCH ++B Dear-Heart”s Omar
SGCH Goldthwaith Maya  
  Goldthwaith Maridadi 2*M
Romulus is the most recent addition to our herd. He was an only kid and got all the good stuff. He is a very big strong & heavy boned animal with great breed character in his wide, long ears and extra convex nose. He stands very square and has a deep heart area as well as width throughout. We are liking what we see in his kids and are excited about the improvements he is bringing to our herd. Thanks to Beverly Goldthwaite for trusting us with another of her fine animals.

SGCH Goldthwaite Maya 3*M


Loveland FO Pharoah

N136824 ~ DOB: 3/19/06
LA 85 ~ 2007

  *B Golthwaite Pecos
Loveland GP Faithful Oden
  Heritage-Song Hope’s Faith 1*M
  *B Ladies-Blue Wicked Weapon
SGCH Willow Run Wicked Paris 7*M
  Willow-Run Purple Rain 6*M

Pharoah is a power house . He has his dams correctness and width as well as her wonderful breed character. He has a deep heart girth and strong feet and legs. His dam scored a 92 LA in 2005. She has a beautiful udder that is very well attached with a high escutcheon. 

Pharoah's Dam ---Willow Run Wicked Paris.

Loveland MX Chivas

N1580166 ~ DOB: 2/14/11

Pic coming soon

  *B Goldthwaite M M Andalusia N1179005
Goldthwaite Malcolm X *B     N1354021  
  SGCH Goldthwaite Brianna X 2*M N1232076
  :*B Lakeshore-Farms E Excalade   N1283990
Lakeshore EXC Chula Vista    N1406742  
  SG Lakeshore Ace Sierra Vista 4*M


Loveland Wind’s Magician

N1463053~DOB 2/19/08

G6S Normal

  Kastdemur's Full Disclosure
Kastdemur’s Chinook Wind
  Kastdemur's Breeze
  Goldthwaite Black Magic
Goldthwaite Magic In The Air
  Goldthwaite Lady Juliette

Loveland BJ Jambalya

PN1542828 ~ DOB: 4/4/10
LA 90 EEE ~ 2013

  Goldthwaite Blue Ridge
Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree  
  Jacobs Pride El Show Excelente
  Kastdemur’s Chinook Wind
Loveland Gensing Wind  
  Loveland FO Ginger Snap
Loveland HE Britney
Sire: *B Lakeshore Hearts Enferno
Dam: GCH Goldthwaite Brianna 2*M
Goldthwaite Tiffany

Sire: SG Goldthwaite Merlin
Dam: SG Goldthwaite Jewels

SG Jacobs Pride El Hot Dar Mar

Sire:: CH *B Jacobs Pride Hot Starsation N1349280
Dam: SGCH Jacobs Pride Rockelle 8*M N1219194
Loveland Kokopelli’s Kachina

Sire: Split-Creek Sid’s Kokopelli N1428364
Dam: Split-Creek Bo’s Gold N1429895
Loveland CW Winds of Fate

Sire: Kastdemur’s Chinook Wind N1384554
Dam: Heritage-Song Hope’s Faith N1173566
Loveland BJ Fantasia

Sire: Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree N1478004
Dam: Loveland CW Winds of Fate N1475721
Loveland BJ Silver Sage

Sire: Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree N1478004
Dam:Loveland Gensing Wind N1442601
Loveland Shiraz Joleen

Sire: SAADA SAADI EL-Shiraz N1324655
Dam: KECMR Bruin Jemma N1451480

Loveland WM Black Diamond

Sire: Loveland Wind's Magician
Dam: Goldthwaite Tiffany

Stagelight PR Two Step Salsa 


Sire: Stagelight LMO Princeton 
Dam: Rose Valley Blue Tango 

Loveland Romulus Talula

Sire; Goldthwaite Romulus
Dam; Loveland Black Tourmaline
Hylands MTB Morwen
Sire: SAADA M”Lord Tree Beard N1340430
Dam: Hylands Half & Half N1338097

Loveland Ginseng Wind

Jacobs Pride Blugrass Jamboree


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