Rosasharn MRC Black Trifle

Picture coming soon

DOB 6/28/09 ~ D1500810

SIRE: Rosasharn SP Mercury D1421377
DAM: Rosasharn TL TigerellaD1454147


CH AGS Majyk Hills GWD Antonianovella

DOB 05/03/2005 ~ D1401326

2010 AGS National Champion

SIRE: AGS Lost Pines GWD Texas Style D-24987
DAM: AGS Goodwood KF Sor Juana D1347144


CH Majyk Hills  GWN Victoriacolonna

DOB: 5/3/05 ~ D1441085

Sire: AGS Lost Pines GWD Texas Style   D-24987
Dam: Goodwood KF SOR Juana    D1347144

Rosaharn GX Mr Good- bar

LA 85 ~ 2013



DOB 5/25/09

Rosaharn’s TL Galaxy D1354485

Rosaharn’s Tom’s Bit-O-Honey D1344379


Buttin’ Heads Champola

Picture coming soon

DOB: 3/31/06 ~ D1374441

Sire: AGS Buttin’ Heads Zip of Champagne    D1321553
Dam:CH AGS Buttin’ Heads Donsxto Seanorita    D1321566

Rosasharn SP Vesta

SIRE: Rosasharn FS Sapporo D1407564
DAM: Rosasharn TL Uridice D1458833


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